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Prefabricated houses are not for everyone. If you want to build your own house according to your own ideas, you need the architect. The cost check expert explains in detail in an interview what costs can be incurred for an architect's house.

Question: What does an architect's house cost?

Cost check expert: Of course, the costs for a house cannot be quantified as a flat rate. It mainly depends on the house.

The costs for building a house can range between around EUR 1,300 per m2 and well over EUR 2,000 per m2 of living space . In an individually planned house, you should definitely calculate at least around EUR 1,700 per m2 to EUR 1,800 per m2 of living space .

You have to differentiate which costs you consider:

  • the pure construction costs
  • the architect's cost

When it comes to construction costs , the building material used plays an important role in the price. The most important factors are the type of wall tiles, the roof shape and the roofing materials used and the price of the windows - they make up a large part of the price differences for the same size of the shell.

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A large part of the costs can be estimated for the interior
Around 50% of the construction costs relate to the interior. This is primarily about equipment details (tiles, prices for floor and wall coverings, type of heating installation, etc.) that are responsible for price differences for buildings of the same size.

In most cases, around 10% to 15% of the construction costs must be expected for the architect's costs . With more planning effort, this can be more.

The architect's costs are based on the fee schedule for architects and engineers (HOAI) and are fixed. The planning effort for the architect varies depending on the type and design of the building.

Practical cost example

A detached house with 165 m2 living space is to be built. The architect takes over the planning according to the client's individual ideas and also provides the entire construction support including tendering and awarding to the various trades.

Post price
pure construction costs EUR 348,000
building costs EUR 32,000
Architect costs, fee zone IV, maximum rate 45,710 EUR
total cost 425,710 EUR

This is just a single cost example for an individual house construction. The cost in other cases can vary.

Question: What factors determine the cost of an architect's house?

Cost check expert: The following must be taken into account here:

  • the size of the house
  • the execution of the shell and the basic design of the house
  • the level of equipment in the interior
  • the built-in building technology
  • the incidental construction costs
  • the architectural costs incurred
  • the additional costs for outdoor design (plot design, fences, driveways, etc.)

All of this is a matter of individual planning before building a house. The costs largely depend on your own wishes and ideas.

Question: To what extent does the house size play a role in the costs?

Cost check expert: The size of the house only plays a role in the basic size in which the costs are.

Houses of the same size can still cause very different costs. The decisive factors are the costs per m2 of living space .

Question: What does the cost of the shell work depend on?

Expert on cost checks: Today, the shell is almost always the "closed shell", that is, with a covered roof and built-in windows and a finished facade.

The costs depend essentially on:

  • the wall construction material used (classic brick masonry, wooden stud frame, aerated concrete, etc.) and its quality and wall thickness
  • the house floor plan (rectangular, angled, multiple angled)
  • the roof shape (gable roof, hipped roof, pent roof, etc.), the roof geometry (simple or complicated) and the roofing material used (clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, slate, etc.)
  • the number, size and quality of the installed windows
  • the type of facade design (plaster facade, clinker facade, brick facade, etc.)

Question: Which factors come into play for interior fittings and technology?

Cost check expert: This is about:

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The quality and material of the interior are decisive price factors

  • the quality and cost of wall and floor coverings
  • the type of sanitary equipment and the cost of tiles
  • the effort involved in drywall construction and the type and number of partitions and interior doors
  • the effort involved in plumbing (e.g. several bathrooms)
  • the type of heating system selected (underfloor heating, wall heating, wall heating element)
  • the type of heating (gas heating, oil heating, pellet heating etc.)
  • the equipment of the electrical system (number of sockets and installed cables, etc.)
  • the type of ventilation (central living space ventilation, decentralized living space ventilation, no ventilation system)
  • Comfort features like a building services system

You can find more detailed information about the costs of the interior fittings in this article .

Question: What do the architect's costs depend on?

Cost check expert: The architect's costs play a role:

  • the construction costs (so-called "eligible costs")
  • the degree of difficulty of the planning (according to the so-called fee zones, for single-family houses either III or IV)
  • the planning effort the architect has (over minimum, medium and maximum rate)
  • which architectural services are commissioned.

Detailed information about the architect's costs can be found in this article .

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