Asphalt what are the costs?


In addition to paving or gravel, asphalt coverings are an alternative to securing the entrance. The cost check expert explains in detail in the interview which costs for asphalt are to be estimated in the driveway.

Question: What does an asphalt surface cost?

Cost check expert: It's difficult to say in general. Local conditions also play an important role in terms of costs.

In practice you have to differentiate

  • whether small or difficult to access areas should be asphalted
  • whether large areas that are easily accessible from the street are being paved

This plays an important role in the cost of asphalt.

Asphalting small, small parts or areas that are difficult to access causes significantly more effort for the executing company. This also means that the costs are higher. In such cases you can usually expect between 80 EUR per m2 and 100 EUR per m2 for ordinary asphalt. In complicated cases with long transport routes, the costs can increase significantly in individual cases.


Paving larger areas is often not much more expensive than small areas
In areas that are easily accessible and easily accessible for heavy machinery , the costs are usually lower. In most cases you will have to expect costs in the range of 40 EUR per m2 to 60 EUR per m2 .

Depending on the local conditions (e.g. floor quality) and design requirements (e.g. asphalt thickness, decorative special asphalt), however, in individual cases there may be considerable deviations from these guide prices.

Practical cost example

A driveway with a total size of 25 m2 is to be paved. The manufacture of the substructure as well as the entire asphalting work are carried out by a specialist company. A conventional two-layer asphalt with a layer thickness of 5 cm / 3 cm is chosen as the covering.

In addition to asphalting, edge stones are also placed along the driveway.

Post price
earthwork 340 EUR
Apply base layer 650 EUR
Material costs asphalt 600 EUR
Apply asphalt (labor costs) 800 EUR
Place edge stones on concrete foundation 355 EUR
total cost EUR 2,745
Total costs per m2 EUR 109.80 per m2

This is just a single cost example for a specific individual case. The cost in other cases can vary.

The cost example shows that the costs for asphalt and asphalting at 56 EUR per m2 remain within reasonable limits. The manufacture of the substructure with the necessary earthworks costs almost as much. These costs have to be taken into account in the execution by a specialist company, you can save some of it by doing it yourself. However, the laying of the base course should always be left to an experienced specialist, as the overall strength and durability of the future covering depend on the faultless execution.

Question: What factors determine the total cost of asphalt?

Cost check expert: Always consider:


The cost of asphalting depends on several factors

  • the area size
  • the accessibility of the area, especially for machines
  • whether asphalting work is currently being carried out on a passing road (can significantly reduce costs)
  • the cost of earthworks (there is a great cost risk here)
  • the cost of laying the base course
  • the selected layer thickness and the design of the asphalt surface
  • the desired additional equipment for the asphalted area (septic tank, curbs, etc.)

Then there are the differences in the pricing of individual companies. A comparison of several offers is definitely worthwhile, especially with asphalt.

Question: Why is the soil quality a cost risk?

Cost check expert: For the construction of the base course for an asphalt surface, you have to make a relatively deep excavation, depending on the load-bearing capacity you want later.

Difficult ground conditions can increase the cost of earthwork by a factor of 10. While in soil classes 3 and 4 the excavation costs are around 10 EUR per m3, in soil class 6 60 - 80 EUR per m3 may already be incurred. High groundwater levels, water ingress or flowing sand can make the cost of excavation work very expensive, even with lower soil classes.

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