How much does it cost to learn to play the guitar?

guitar lessons-cost

The six-sided guitar is rightly considered an all-round instrument. You can play traditional pieces as well as current songs on this instrument or accompany your singing with chords. In summer the guitar is used around the campfire and for folk music as well as for rock bands, the jazz combo or a classical ensemble. Despite this versatility, playing this probably most popular musical instrument is relatively easy to learn. But what does guitar lessons, the instrument cost and how do I find the right music teacher? We clarify this and other exciting details in an interview with the cost check expert.

Where can I take guitar lessons?

Cost check: There are various options here:

  • In many cities there are music schools offering guitar lessons for children and adults.
  • For music students or
  • trained music teachers can take private lessons.
  • Guitar can also be learned self-taught. Thanks to relevant online portals, this has become relatively easy.

What does the class cost?

Cost check: The prices vary greatly depending on where you live. On a national average, you should expect these monthly costs:

With contract duration price
Private lessons 30 minutes 60 - 80 EUR
45 minutes 80-100 EUR
60 minutes 100 - 120 EUR
Group lessons (2-3 people) 45 minutes 40 - 70 EUR
60 minutes 50 - 80 EUR

guitar lessons-cost

Private lessons with music students are particularly cheap
It is usually a little cheaper if you sign a long-term contract at a music school or with a private music teacher. For music students who want to earn a few euros extra during their studies, you can get the lesson from as little as EUR 10. Music lessons with a well-known concert guitarist are usually significantly more expensive than indicated in the table above. If you would like to have lessons in your own home, many teachers charge additional travel costs.

Our tip: Especially with individual lessons, the price should not be the only factor that speaks for or against a guitar teacher. When making music, it is important that the interpersonal chemistry is right. For this reason, many music schools and teachers offer a trial lesson, often even free of charge.

What does the instrument cost?

Cost check: The complete basic equipment of a guitar player is not very cheap, as the following table shows:

Cost overview price
children guitar 50 - 350 EUR
Adult guitar from 150 EUR
Used good quality guitar from 75 EUR
Gitarrentasche 10 - 30 EUR
music stand 10 - 25 EUR
Guitar strap 10 - 25 EUR
string 1 - 4 EUR
tuning fork 3 - 40 EUR
tuner 5 - 30 EUR
Notenheft 10 - 40 EUR

If you want to park the guitar safely and within easy reach at home, a guitar stand or wall bracket is recommended. You can get this for around 10 - 30 EUR. A footstool on which you can put your foot up while playing and automatically assume the correct position sleeps between 5 and 15 EUR.

It is not advisable to use very inexpensive instruments, such as are often offered by mail order . These usually do not have a very good sound and an inferior quality.

Is group or one-to-one tuition better?

guitar lessons-cost

Group lessons are usually cheaper than professional private lessons
Cost check: This cannot be answered across the board . Both variants have both advantages and disadvantages:

One-to-one tuition is usually more effective because the teacher can tailor the lessons to your strengths and weaknesses. He can take enough time for important issues and fully respond to you. Beginners, if they enjoy practicing at home, quickly become advanced.

Group classes are cheaper and make this hobby affordable for almost everyone. Children in particular have more fun teaching with friends than stubborn learning alone with the teacher. Even if learning success is somewhat slower, the fun of the music in the group makes up for this in most cases.

Who is online lessons worth for?

Cost check: online lessons are much cheaper than those with a guitar teacher. You can get it from just EUR 10 a month. If you just want to try out whether playing the guitar is something for you, you can do so with the courses offered online without any great risk.

However, the courses have one major disadvantage: unlike the teacher, there is no one who corrects your hand position, touch technique and playing technique. It is very difficult to get rid of wrong techniques later, especially when playing the guitar. The online guitar school is therefore only of limited use for absolute beginners. But it can be a wonderful addition to conventional teaching, which makes practicing more varied and diverse.

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