Replace skylights: these costs arise

There are many different costs when replacing a roof window

Replacing roof windows is often done for energy reasons. But the question quickly arises as to what costs can be expected. We explain the individual cost items, the necessary work and the funding options for the modernization.


An overview of the individual cost items

If a specialist company is commissioned to replace the roof window, you have to reckon with the following individual items:

  • Material costs window
  • labour costs
  • Disposal of rubble
  • Material costs insulation / window reveal

How are the cost items created?

1. Material costs window

The selection of the window is one of the most important points for the modernization. The specialist companies often work with certain manufacturers so that you receive recommendations in this regard. However, it is worth doing your own research on the models mentioned to ensure that the products meet your requirements.

2. Labor costs


It takes a craftsman about four hours to exchange
On average, a craftsman needs around four hours to replace the roof window at an hourly wage of 50 euros including VAT. One or two workers are required, although one specialist and one trainee are sufficient for cost reasons.

3. Disposal of rubble

The building rubble can be disposed of by the specialist company or brought to the landfill itself. Make sure that the disposal costs are already included or are calculated separately. Flat rates are often used.

4. Material costs for the insulation / window reveal

These measures are important in order to counteract heat loss and to prevent the penetration of moisture. The window must be adequately insulated. At the same time, all sides must end with the masonry.

Factors influencing prices

An overview of the factors influencing the price

  • Brand and model of the window manufacturer
  • Size of the window
  • Material of the window
  • regional prices for the disposal of rubble
  • Installation according to the RAL seal of quality to ensure optimal insulation
  • Hourly wages of the specialist company (possibly plus travel expenses)
  • architectural features on the window recess

The cost-influencing factors

Material costs for the window


The prices for skylights depend, among other things, on the insulation
The range of prices for the roof windows is large, because different manufacturers, qualities and equipment are available. The Solid Elements roof window Pro, for example, has a size of 55 x 98 cm and is available for around 210 euros. According to the manufacturer, it is maintenance-free and has safety glass. The Roto high-sash window costs around 100 euros more. Since the pivot point is in the upper third, the window swings far up.

Cost factors for the window:

factor influence importance
Size of the window sometimes strong increase with increasing size Quality of the window is important
thermal insulation thermal insulation increases the acquisition costs Long-term costs are influenced by possible energy savings
brand Branded models are around 50 percent more expensive high-quality windows ensure long-term energy savings
Special features that can lead to an increase in costs

If the window niche is difficult to access, the costs can increase. The size of the window is important for two reasons. First, large windows are generally more expensive than small windows. On the other hand, unusual fits lead to an increase in costs. If you want to increase comfort, for example due to a particularly high swing height of roof windows, the prices will also increase. Also note that sun protection can make sense. In general, no classic roller shutters are used in front of roof windows, but a simple privacy screen and sun protection are attached. This can be integrated into the window from the inside and pulled down with one hand. The cost of this additional protection is around 80 to 100 euros.

A cost example for the replacement of the roof window

In the following a cost example is shown, which refers to a roof window of the size 80 x 120 centimeters. The installation site is easily accessible, there are no special structural features.

Material costs window


PVC windows are cheaper than wooden windows
Plastic windows are on average more expensive than wooden windows, but have advantages in terms of insulation and useful life. The price is influenced by the brand, model and size.

labour costs

The replacement of a window can be carried out by one person, often a trainee is present to assist. The hourly wages of the skilled worker are set at a percentage of 100 percent, for the trainee usually 50 percent of the regular hourly wages are calculated.

Disposal of rubble

In the selected example, 30 euros are used to dispose of the rubble (municipality in Hesse, own delivery). The exact costs vary from region to region and depend on the prices of the waste disposal companies. Often there is a minimum price for deliveries. Ideally, normal household quantities (delivery in the trunk of a car) can be disposed of free of charge by the municipality.

Material costs insulation / window reveal

Many specialist companies charge a higher price if the assembly is carried out according to the RAL seal of approval. The decisive factor is the running meter of the joints. High-quality insulation reduces energy costs in the long term.

Calculation example for the cost calculation:

  • Material costs for windows: 200 to 400 euros
  • Labor costs: 200 euros
  • Disposal of rubble: 30 euros
  • Material costs insulation / window reveal: 250 euros

Total costs: 680 euros to 880 euros



Labor costs hardly vary, but material costs do
A particularly wide range of prices exists in relation to the material costs for the window. Branded windows are generally more expensive than models from unknown manufacturers. However, you must note that windows must be selected specifically for energy reasons. Multiple glazing, thermal insulation and much more contribute to significant savings. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to quality and seal of quality when selecting the windows. Since labor costs represent an average of 25 to 30 percent of the total, a price comparison between the specialist companies is worthwhile. It can be advantageous to use the brand of the old window for the new window, since there may be less work in terms of replacement, which offers further savings. With regard to the disposal of building rubble, it is possible to achieve savings through self-delivery, since in some municipalities private individuals can deliver quantities of up to one car trunk volume free of charge.

funding opportunities

Modernizations that reduce energy costs can be funded under certain circumstances. KfW grants corresponding grants, which normally have to be applied for before starting work. Both grants and low-interest loans are possible. If the roof window is replaced as part of extensive roof renovation work, there is a very good chance that the funding will be approved. It is assumed that around 30 percent of the heat can escape unused through an uninsulated roof. A thermally insulated, modern roof window is part of this problem and is therefore also promoted.

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