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In order to have more space available for a house, you need to expand the top floor - you simply retrofit a pop-up roof on the camping bus and have one or even more sleeping spaces. In our interview with the cost check expert, you can find out what costs arise when retrofitting a lifting roof and what the cost differences are.

Question: What are the costs when retrofitting a pop-up roof?

Cost check expert: It always depends on the type of vehicle, in addition also on the type of lifting roof selected and its equipment.

In general, however, you can expect costs in the range of around EUR 5,000 to EUR 8,000 for most lifting roofs, including professional installation.

Pop-up roof additional costs

If the pop-up roof is to be the color of the car, additional costs of up to EUR 1000 may arise
In addition, there may be various extra costs. For example, if you want paint in body color (instead of standard black on most models), you will have to expect additional costs in the range of around EUR 800 to EUR 1,100 . If a sunroof is installed in the roof of the vehicle, which must first be removed, the costs also increase by around EUR 600 to EUR 800 . Plate-spring slatted frames, which are usually only found in the premium models, cost around 600 EUR to 800 EUR surcharge.

For additional luggage racks or surfboard racks, you also have to expect extra charges of between EUR 400 and EUR 800 . Solar systems for the pop-up roof usually cost around EUR 1,000 to EUR 1,200 extra .

Electric lifting roofs are even more expensive. For this pop-up roof category, you usually have to expect EUR 7,000 to EUR 8,000 including installation.

The largest selection of lifting roofs is available for VW vans. It is also possible to retrofit a pop-up roof for many other van brands.

Practical cost example

We want to have a VW T5 (long wheelbase) retrofitted with a pop-up roof in the vehicle color, which we want to have painted in the vehicle color. For more sleeping comfort, we also opt for a slatted bed with plate suspension.

Post price
Pop-up roof (sleeping roof) with installation 6,299 EUR
additionally: slatted bed with plate suspension EUR 560
additionally: paint in body color 950 EUR
total cost EUR 7,809

The costs shown here refer to a pop-up roof for a specific vehicle model and in individual and special equipment. The costs for other pop-up roofs can also vary significantly.

Question: What determines the cost of a pop-up roof?

Cost check expert: The following is decisive for the costs:

Retrofit pop-up roof costs

The pants for a pop-up roof vary depending on the type of roof and model of the car

  • for which vehicle type the pop-up roof is purchased
  • the length of the wheelbase on the vehicle (long / short wheelbase)
  • the size of the pop-up roof and the installation height
  • whether the pop-up roof can be operated manually (usually) or electrically (only a few models)
  • whether painting in body color is desired
  • whether the vehicle in question has a sunroof (additional costs for installation)
  • which special equipment is required (e.g. load carrier, sprung bed, solar system)
  • with which provider the retrofitting takes place

Price comparisons are definitely worthwhile, the costs can differ significantly from provider to provider.

Question: Are high roofs cheaper than pop-up roofs?

Cost check expert: From a purely material price point of view, they definitely are. For a high roof on the VW T5, in most cases you have to expect material costs of around EUR 1,200 - EUR 1,500, plus around EUR 500 for the installation frame and around EUR 1,000 for an interior trim set. With the installation costs, the total costs are usually lower than those for a pop-up roof.

High roofs have the advantage that they are well suited for long journeys, can be well insulated and offer significantly more thermal insulation when sleeping, especially for journeys to colder regions. However, the height of the vehicle is irrevocably increased.

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