What does a chainsaw course cost?


Simply buy a "spruce moped" and use it to fell trees, which can literally get your leg in the wrong place. Even if it is not mandatory in your own forest and for private use, everyone who handles the chainsaw should take a corresponding course. This training course will familiarize you with the operation of the chain saw and the necessary safety precautions. In an interview with the cost check expert, we clarify in detail what such a course costs, what you learn in it and when you absolutely need it.

Where are there chainsaw courses?

Cost check: In addition to TUV and Dekra, hardware stores and chain saw manufacturers sometimes offer these training courses. If you are looking for a supplier in your area, a call to the city administration, the fire brigade or the local fruit and gardening association often helps.

What does the chainsaw training cost?

Cost check: This course does not only involve the pure fees. Most of the time, in addition to your own protective equipment, you must also have a chainsaw and the prescribed safety equipment.

Cost overview price
Course in the hardware store 50 EUR
Daily rate, for example at chainsaw manufacturers 100 EUR
More current rate 200 - 400 EUR
protective gear from 200 EUR
Chainsaw of reasonable quality from 175 EUR

Depending on the provider, you may be able to borrow parts or all of the equipment relatively inexpensively. This results in costs between 100 and 500 EUR.


The protective equipment is part of the use of the chain saw
The protective equipment, consisting of cut protection trousers according to DIN EN 381-5 class 1, gloves and jacket, reliably protects you from the sharp teeth of the chainsaw. A special forestry helmet with eyes and hearing protection in signal color is also mandatory. Safety shoes with a steel toe cap according to DIN EN 20345: 2007 class 1 are also mandatory. Pay attention to a good fit and comfort with them, because on the way to the wood you have to accept longer footpaths. If the course takes place in the forest, the protective clothing should be in signal colors. Alternatively, you can wear a vest in a striking color over this.

Who must be able to present the chainsaw license?

Cost check: If you want to make your own firewood in the forest, you need a chainsaw license in addition to the permission from the responsible forestry office. You will only receive this "Operator ID for chainsaws" if you can prove that you took part in a chainsaw course.

This is also mandatory:

  • If you want to use the chainsaw on other people's property. It is completely irrelevant here whether you help a neighbor to fell a tree or make your own firewood in a friend's forest.
  • If you use the chainsaw for work.
  • As a train worker or worker on public roads.

This means that you do not have to take a chainsaw course if you only want to use the device on your own property.

Are there different courses and certificates?


Felling trees is not an issue in every course
Cost check: yes, there is. Depending on the scope of the course, you may only saw wood lying in the forest and, for example, process it into firewood or even cut down trees. Since there are no uniform training guidelines and each organizer can plan the course content individually, you should inquire in advance about the contents of the chainsaw course and the scope of the chainsaw license.

Are there any specific requirements?

Cost check: Not everyone is admitted to the chainsaw course. The prerequisite for this is the 18th year of life. You must also be physically and mentally able to operate a chain saw.

What do I learn in a chainsaw course?

Cost check: The courses are almost always divided into a theoretical and practical part.

The main topics are:

  • Explanation of protective equipment and its functions.
  • The basic technical understanding of the chain saw and its safety-related details such as front hand protection, gas lever lock or chain protection.
  • The dangers of working in the forest, for example due to falling branches, tension in the wood or careless handling of the saw.
  • The "Forsten" accident prevention regulation.
  • Starting and refueling the chainsaw.
  • The correct processing of lying wood.
  • Learning professional felling techniques.
  • Wood splitting techniques.
  • Service and maintenance chainsaw.
  • Selection of the right chain saw, tailored to the area of application.

Both the theoretical and the practical part conclude with a test. If you have passed both parts, you will receive the chainsaw certificate. Nothing stands in the way of working with the chainsaw, be it to get firewood from the forest, to cut a tree in the neighboring garden or to dedicate yourself to the exciting hobby of carving with a chainsaw.

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